Workshops for Students

The Undergraduate Research Ambassadors  provides workshops and presentations to help undergraduate students get involved with research and learn important skills.  In addition, students can meet with Undergraduate Research Ambassadors for assistance in finding and obtaining research positions, as well as help preparing research reports and presentations. 

Invite us to present! 

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors will present to student clubs, groups, or classrooms on any of the topics listed below.  Invite us today!

Undergraduate Research Presentations

  • Introduction to Research/Finding Research Opportunities:  Interested in participating in research? Not sure where to start? Learn how to find undergraduate research opportunities on and off campus! This presentation will get you started on your journey!

  • Breaking Down the Walls: Busting the Myths about Research: Who does research? What does research entail? It isn’t all people in lab coats mixing chemicals in vials (Okay, some of it is, but there is so much more!) What questions motivate you? What can we learn to move our society forward socially, politically, culturally, artistically, medically, environmentally, ethically? Research takes place in all of these fields! This presentation goes deep into the roots of what research is, who can participate, and what skills are necessary for all researchers to have. We will discuss the importance of diversity on research teams, and explore how critical understandings of culture, arts, and humanities inform our work in science and engineering in many and surprising ways.

  •  How to use your Federal Work-Study Benefit to Create your own Paid Research Experience: Learn how your Federal Work-Study benefit can help you create your own paid research experience. This presentation covers how the benefit works, how faculty benefit by hiring you, and gives you numbers and talking points to negotiate your own position. Don’t miss the next workshop for more tips and tricks on communicating with faculty to create a research experience that will take you to the next level!

  • Communicating with Faculty About Your Research Interests: Are you interested in contacting a faculty member about joining their research lab? Would you like to propose an independent study idea? Do you need to find a mentor for a thesis project? Do you need to ask for a letter of recommendation or other support toward your goals? You don’t need to take this step alone! This workshop will cover the nuts and bolts of reaching out to faculty about your research goals — when and how is the best way to approach a potential research mentor, and how to prepare for these conversations.

  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome: Working in research can place us in a vulnerable space. All researchers come from a place of seeking knowledge, of not knowing the answers. This can feel uncomfortable, especially if you come from a different background or have different lived experiences than others in your research group. You are not alone! This interactive presentation will cover the definition of Imposter Syndrome, teach participants to identify it in themselves and others, introduce skills and practices to help individuals overcome their own sense of Imposter Syndrome, and provide a list of helpful resources. Participants will engage in interactive discussions and reflections.

  • Communicating your Research: Posters, PowerPoints, and Oral Presentations: This presentation will cover technical tips to communicate your project clearly and effectively, explore templates and formats for organizing your information in slides or on a poster, discuss techniques to make your presentation visually attractive, and provide tips on how to prepare and practice your oral presentation skills. Afterward, sign up for a “mock talk” with an Undergraduate Research Ambassador for individualized support and feedback!

  • Student Researcher Panels: Connect with us to request a panel of undergraduate student researchers in your class or club! Student researchers will share their experiences with finding research and getting starting in their positions, as well as presenting and sharing their work.

  • Custom Undergraduate Research Workshop: Groups can request a custom workshop on research skills.  Mix and match from the topics above, or contact us about your unique needs.


Want more individualized attention? 

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors can also cover the information in the topics above individually or to small groups.  Make an appointment today!