Yang Song

Assistant Professor, Hydrology / Atmospheric Sciences

Member of the Graduate Faculty

I am an Earth system scientist with enthusiasm for integrating multi-discipline knowledge and multi-scale data to better model and understand climate-terrestrial ecosystem interactions. I am now an assistant professor in the Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. Before joining UA, I was first a postdoctoral Research Associated and then an R&D staff scientist at the Environmental Sciences Division and the Climate Change Science Institute, Oak Ridge National Lab. I hold a Ph.D. in Atmosphere Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2015 working with Prof. Atul Jain, a Master in Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering from the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. My current research within the SONG BIO-ESM Lab at UA specializes in Biospheric-Earth System Modeling. My lab aims to advance our understanding and predictive power of the role of vegetation, microbial communities, and humans -the biotic components of the Earth system - in terrestrial-atmospheric interactions.

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Prerequisite Courses

Basic ability to conduct literature reviews, gather relevant research materials and synthesize information Basic ability to use statistical analysis tools, such as Excel, R, MATLAB, or Python Preferred: Computer programming (e.g., Python/Fortran) or AI/ML model experience Preferred: Spatial data analysis and mapping experiences, such as GIS applications, NETCDF data analysis and visualization

Majors Considered

Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Environmental Science Natural Resources Computer Science Mathematics and/or Statistics and Data Sciences Crop Sciences Geosciences

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No description given

Start Date

January 2024

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