William Smith

Associate Professor, Land - Water - Climate / Geospatial Analysis

Assistant Professor, Global Change - GIDP

Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing / Spatial Analysis - GIDP

Chair, Remote Sensing / Spatial Analysis - GIDP

Member of the Graduate Faculty

William Smith is an educator and researcher with expertise in ecosystem ecology, remote sensing, the carbon and water cycle, and high performance computing. He is the PI of the Ecosystem Climate Dynamics (ECD) Lab in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona. The research focus of the lab is on understanding the complex responses of the terrestrial biosphere to rising atmospheric CO2, climate change, and land-use change across broad temporal and spatial scales through the application of satellite observations, field network data, and ecosystem process models.

Offering Research Opportunities?


Prerequisite Courses

Experience with field work. Experience with computer programming.

Majors Considered

Ecology, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, Optical, Environmental Science, Life Science related majors

Types of Opportunities

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No description given

Start Date

August 2020

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