Tsu-Te Su

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute

Assistant Research Scientist, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Associate Professor, Optical Sciences

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Judith Su's background is in sensing, imaging, microfabrication and optical instrument building for biological and medical applications. Her research interests are in using imaging, sensing and rheological techniques to reveal basic biological functions at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. Recently her work has centered on label‐free single molecule detection using microtoroid optical resonators with a focus on basic research, and translational medicine through the development of miniature field portable devices as a tool to detect, understand, control and treat various diseases. She is also developing chemical sensors for environmental monitoring, reducing threats, assisting national defense and enabling clean sport competition.

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Biomedical Engineering, Optical Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical Engineering

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December 2018

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