Tomas Cerny

Associate Professor, Systems and Industrial Engineering

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Tomas Cerny is an Associate Professor of Of Systems and Industrial engineering at the University of Arizona, Tucson. After earning an Engineer and Masters's degrees from the Czech Technical University, FEE, and from Baylor University, he has served as an Assistant professor at the Science and Computer Department at the Czech Technical University, FEE, since 2009. Soon after earning a Doctoral degree in 2016, he returned to Baylor University to join the Computer Science department. He was tenured in 2023 at Baylor and moved as Associate Professor of Systems and Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona. His research focus is Software Engineering, Static Analysis, and Cloud-computing applications. Dr. Cerny served 10+ years as the lead developer of the International Collegiate Programming Contest Management System. He authored nearly 100 publications, mostly related to code analysis and aspect-oriented programming. Among his awards are the Outstanding Service Award ACM SIGAPP 2018 and 2015 or the 2011 ICPC Joseph S. DeBlasi Outstanding Contribution Award. In the past few years, he chaired multiple conferences, including ACM SAC, ACM RACS, or ICITCS. Furthermore, he led special issues and tracked Code Analysis and Enterprise Applications.

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Object-oriented design Ideally, knowledge of databases, javascript, code analysis, spring, cloud native

Majors Considered

Computer Science Software Engineering Computer Engineering

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No description given

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August 2023

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