Paul Wagner

Associate Professor of Practice

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Paul Wagner joined the University of Arizona’s College of Applied Science and Technology’s Cyber Operations Program in 2018.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Practice and teaches a wide variety of subjects including networking, digital forensics, cyber threat intelligence, and cyber warfare.  Prior to working with the University of Arizona, Paul spent 20 years in the Army where he developed his knowledge in computer networking and designing robust network architectures to support global operations in support of national and joint operations.  Paul received his Ph.D. in Cyber Defense from Dakota State University. He also holds a Master’s of Science in Cyber Security, an MBA, a Graduate Certificate in Incident Response, and over twenty technical certifications from SANS, ISC2, EC-Council, and CompTIA.  His primary research interests focus on cybersecurity education, training, workforce development, and penetration testing. 

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Looking for interdisciplinary research interests. No specific major is required. Willing to discuss multiple research opportunities with different foci. My experience is in cybersecurity; governance, risk, and compliance; cybersecurity education; workforce development; penetration testing, cyber defense, and digital forensics.

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August 2023

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