Mohammad Shahidullah

Associate Research Professor, Physiology - (Research Series Track)

Research Associate Professor, Ophthalmology

Since August 1983 I had an uninterrupted career in different teaching and research positions with 5 different Universities in Asia, Europe and America. I published more than 40 peer reviewed articles in different reputed journals and contributed significantly to the field of ocular Physiology and Pharmacology. I graduated with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 1982 from Bangladesh Agricultural University. I was awarded University Prize for securing First position in the First Class and appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in the following year. During the tenure of my lectureship position I completed MSc in Pharmacology degree in 1985, again with distinction and secured First Class.  I was promoted to Assistant professor in 1987 and worked in that position until Sept. 1990. In 1990 I was awarded Commonwealth Scholarship by the Association of Universities in the United Kingdom to do my PhD in Pharmacology. Strictly speaking this was the start of my research career. I completed PhD in 1994 from the University of Glasgow, UK and because of my outstanding contribution in research I was immediately offered Postdoc position and worked for this University until 2001. During this period I had an outstanding achievement in establishing an experimental model, the perfused intact eye system to study ocular drugs. I published a number of manuscripts utilizing this model system with significant contribution to the field.   In 2001 I was invited by the School of Optometry of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to help them establish an Ocular Pharmacology laboratory and appointed me as a Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer. I worked there until June 2005. During this period I was able to adapt the intact eye preparation to record multifocal ERG and this was the first in vitro ERG record in the world. In this position I taught Pharmacology and Physiology to the optometry students. In June 2005 I moved to the United States of America and since then I have been working as Assistant Professor including my present position at the University of Arizona. During this time I established a second model system, the primary culture of nonpigmented ciliary epithelial cells. I published a large number of peer reviewed papers in many reputed journals with significant contribution to ocular physiology and pharmacology research.

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Physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology.

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January 2023

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January 2024

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