Malak Tfaily

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I am an ecosystem scientist with A PhD  in analytical Chemistry from the Chemistry and Biochemistry departmnet at Florida State University. My overarching research interests revolve around carbon cycling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, the interactions between microbial communities and organic matter, their geochemical environment and the resulting impact on the whole ecosystem. I use a combination of modern analytical molecular techniques (high resolution mass spectrometry, etc.), geochemical (wet chemistry and gas flux) and isotopic techniques (natural abundance, and isotope enrichment) to answer the how, where and how organic matter degradation and formation takes place in different ecosystems. My recent position at PNNL have provided me the opportunity to further advance my research approaches to include a suite of the state-of-the-art and new "omics" approaches to provide unprecedented resolution on microbial community function and organic matter composition. More specifically I am interested in examining the direct relationship between organic matter composition, the activity of the biological community, the geochemical signature of the activity and how that signature may translate between environments thus enhancing our understanding of the current and past processes that drive our planet.

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August 2018

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