Kamel Didan

Professor, Biosystems Engineering

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Professor, Remote Sensing / Spatial Analysis - GIDP

Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The focus of my teaching and research is global remote sensing of the land surface vegetation and the development of remote sensing measurements, data, algorithms, and models for calibrated time series analysis aimed at assessing climate-related and land use change influences on vegetation, phenology, water, carbon and nutrient cycles, ecosystem composition and function over a wide range of biomes. This work connects natural resources management and the multidisciplinary use of remote sensing data and techniques to address engineering and societal challenges from agricultural production to ecosystem management, and from watershed to regional to global levels. My research group has also developed an engineering and application-oriented program for the use of drones as fast and cost-effective platforms for land surface characterization, precision mapping, precision agriculture, and the low-cost validation of global remote sensing data. I have been particularly promoting a program that actively engages undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their research and academic interests through internships, MS and Ph.D. research support, and creative and immersive research through collaboration and teamwork.

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Data Science, Programming (Python), Image processing

Majors Considered

Computer Science, ECE, Natural Resources

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No description given

Start Date

August 2022

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