John Allen

Professor, Psychology

Distinguished Professor

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Professor, BIO5 Institute

Professor, Cognitive Science - GIDP

Professor, Neuroscience - GIDP

I am interested broadly in the etiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. Listed below are four themes addressed in my current research: 1) Identifying risk factors for depression using electroencephalographic and autonomic psychophysiological measures, especially EEG asymmetry, resting state fMRI connectivity, and cardiac vagal control. 2) Identifying causes of and developing novel treatments for mood and anxiety disorders, including Transcranial Ultrasound, EEG biofeedback, and Transcranial Direct Current and Transcranial Alternating Current. 3) Understanding how emotion influences how individuals make decisions and monitor their actions, including error monitoring, reward learning, and cognitive control. 4) The assessment of memory and amnesia using event-related potentials; Assessing deception and malingering; Assessment of memory and amnesia in dissociative disorders.

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August 1992

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