Irina Panyushkina

Associate Research Professor, Dendrochronology

Member of the Graduate Faculty

 Dr. Irina Panyushkina is Research Associate Professor of Dendrochronology and the Member of Graduate Faculty at the University of Arizona. She joined the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research  in 2002 and has since led international and interdisciplinary research programs in forest ecology, biochemistry,  climatology, hydrology and archaeology.   Panyushkina's research has two major stands. The first examines climate variability with tree-ring proxies and how climate change impacts environment and society. The second stand of the research is the Bronze Age - Medieval chronology of societal prehistory and environmental archaeology in the Eurasian Steppe.  Dr. Panyushkina is also involved in collaborative research on variations of carbon-14 production rate and the identification of Miyake events and rapid carbon-14 excursions. Panyushkina was Principal Investigator or the joint lead for a dozen of research projects funded by NSF and NASA advancing climate change studies and multidisciplinary approach. She has published more than over 80 book chapters and papers in leading peer-review journals including Nature, Nature Communications, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Proceedings, Global Change Biology, Geophysical Research Letters, Environmental Research Letters, Journal of Hydrology, Climate Dynamics. The research geography is focused on Central Asia and Northern Eurasia.  Irina Panyushkina has worked and conducted field research in 7 countries; actively involved in International Exchange Scholar programs building international networks and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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