Felicia Goodrum Sterling

Interim Associate Department Head, Immunobiology

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Professor, BIO5 Institute

Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP

Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Professor, Genetics - GIDP

Professor, Immunobiology

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Felicia Goodrum graduated with her Ph.D. from Wake Forest University and then trained as a postdoctoral fellow with Thomas Shenk at Princeton University where she was a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fellow and Special Fellow. Dr. Goodrum joined the faculty at the University of Arizona in the Department of Immunobiology and the BIO5 Institute in 2006 and is an Assoicate Professor. Dr. Goodrum is the recipient of the Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences Award and the Presidential Award for Early Career Scientists and Engineers. Dr. Goodrum's work throughout her career has focused on complex interaction between viruses and their host and is currently focused on the mechanisms of viral persistence of human cytomegalovirus.

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Prerequisite Courses

basic biology, molecular biology and biochemistry

Majors Considered

Molecular and Cellular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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No description given

Start Date

August 2023

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