Erdogan Madenci

Professor, Aerospace-Mechanical Engineering

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Education University of California ‑ Los Angeles, Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, 1987 Lehigh University, M.S., Applied Mechanics, 1982 Lehigh University, B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1981 and Mechanical Engineering, 1980 Appointments 8/98 - present       Professor, Dept. of Aerospace and Mech. Engr., University of Arizona. 8/98 - 10/02          Associate Head, Dept. of Aerospace and Mech. Engr., University of Arizona. 8/94 - 8/98            Associate Professor, Dept. of Aerospace and Mech. Engr. University of Arizona. 8/89 - 8/94            Assistant Professor, Dept. of Aerospace and Mech. Engr., University of Arizona. 8/18 - 6/19            Visiting Faculty, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, MIT, MA. 1/12 - 5/12            Visiting Scholar, Multiphysics Simulation Technology Department, SNL, New Mexico. 1/03 - 7/03            Visiting Scientist, Mechanics and Durability Branch, NASA LaRC, Virginia 1/96 - 8/96            Visiting Professor, Dept. of Aeronautics, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 9/88 - 8/89            Visiting Scientist, Fraunhofer‑Institute für Werkstoffmechanik, Freiburg, Germany 9/85 - 9/88            Technical Staff, Structural Technology Office, Aerospace Corp., California 6/83 - 9/85            Research Engr., Strength and Life Assurance Research Group, Northrop Corp., California Honors and Awards ASME, Fellow AIAA, Associate Fellow Editor-in Chief: Journal of Peridynamics and Nonlocal Modeling - Springer Associate editor: ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology University of Arizona, College of Engineering Faculty Fellowship (2011) NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow (1991, 1992) IBM Summer Faculty Fellow (1990) Lehigh University Kingsley Fellowship (1982 - 83) Sumerbank Scholarship - B.S. Education in the U.S.A. (1976 - 80)

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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August 2023

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December 2023

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