Diaa Elshikha

Assistant Professor, Biosystems Engineering

Assistant Specialist, Biosystems Engineering

Member of the Graduate Faculty

I am an Assistant professor and Irrigation Specialist in the Biosystems Engineering Department at University of Arizona. I am stationed at the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center. I have a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona. I worked as a research scientist for the University of Arizona and the USDA ARS Arid Land Agricultural Research Center from 2012 to August 2022. I conducted research in guayule irrigation methods and remote sensing of crop water status, as well as assisted in irrigation research projects in wheat and cotton.   My extension program prioritizes the implementation of high-efficiency irrigation systems, the optimization of all irrigation methods, the use of remote sensing and in-situ soil sensors to monitor crop water status, and the improvement of water application to maximize efficiency. Additionally, it involves the implementation of irrigation scheduling techniques and models, as well as the promotion of low water use crops, such as guayule. I am eager to collaborate with growers across all sections of the state of Arizona to optimize irrigation practices to suit the diverse range of crops in the state. The focus of my experiments is on reducing water use and enhancing water productivity in various crops through the adoption of more efficient irrigation systems and water-saving approaches. Degrees PhD (Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering – The University of Arizona) MSc (Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering – The University of Arizona) BSc (Agricultural Engineering – Mansoura University, Egypt) Work Experience University of Arizona (2015 – Ongoing) USDA-The Arid Land Agricultural Research Center (2013 – 2015) Mansoura University, Egypt (2008 – 2013) University of Arizona (2005 – 2008) Mansoura University (2003 – 2005) Peer-Reviewed publications Chen, Y., D. A, Dierig, G. Wang, M. Elshikha, D. T. Ray, A. Barberán, R. M. Maier, J. W. Neilson, 2023. Identifying critical microbes in guayule-microbe and microbe-microbe associations. Plant and soil https://doi.org/10.1007/s11104-023-06269-z. Orr, E., R. Masson, D. Sanyal, and D. M. Elshikha, 2023. Surviving these drying times: The role of a desert agricultural extension agent in helping farmers face drought. Journal of the NACAA 16 (2), ISSN 2158-9459. Katterman, M. E., P. M. Waller, M. Elshikha, G. W. Wall, D. J. Hunsaker, R. S., Loeffler, K. L. Ogden, 2023. WINDS Model Simulation of Guayule Irrigation. Water 15 (19), 3500. Elshikha, D. M., P. M. Waller, D. J., Hunsaker, K. R. Thorp, G. Wang, D. Dierig, G. Wang, V. M. V. Cruz, S. Attalah, M. E. Katterman, C. Williams, D. T. Ray, R. Norton, E. Orr, G. W. Wall, K. Ogden. 2023. Water Use, Growth, and Yield of Ratooned Guayule under Subsurface Drip and Furrow Irrigation in the US Southwest Desert. Water 15 (19), 3412. Maqsood, H., D. J. 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