Dawn Gouge

Specialist, Entomology

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Professor, BIO5 Institute

Professor, Entomology

Professor, Entomology / Insect Science - GIDP

Specialist and Professor  – Public Health Entomologist Dr. Gouge manages an applied research and Extension program focused on pest ecology and reduced-hazard management of medically significant arthropods and commensal rodents. She serves on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an appointed core member of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee, a federal advisory committee providing guidance on pesticide regulatory, policy, and program implementation. Dr. Gouge serves on the National School IPM Steering Committee, which formed to provide a focal point for interactive communication and collaboration of school community stakeholders throughout the U.S. Integrated Extension and research efforts include IPM implementation programs in low-income housing, public schools, medical facilities, and operational research aimed at improving mosquito, tick, and commensal rodent management, reducing risks posed by vectors. Dr. Gouge supports state and government agencies regarding public health pest issues and provides technical support for industry members including environmental health professionals and pest management professionals. Dr. Gouge lectures on public health pest ecology and IPM, serves on graduate student committees, and hosts graduate and undergraduate student interns.

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