Alicja Babst-Kostecka

Assistant Professor, Environmental Science

Member of the Graduate Faculty

My research combines genetic, phenotypic, and environmental information in an integrated framework to study plant adaptation to changing environmental conditions. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms that allow certain plant species to colonize industrially contaminated habitats at former mining sites. These species thereby undergo rapid genetic and physiological adaptation. Specifically, they have evolved the ability to tolerate and sometimes accumulate remarkable amounts of metal trace elements – traits that I am studying in both field and controlled laboratory experiments. My interdisciplinary work sets the stage for mitigating the legacies of industrial exploitation. By advancing the molecular basis of phytoremediation and biofortification efforts, I strive to contribute to improving environmental and human health.

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Plant Sciences Environmental Sciences Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bioinformatics Biology Chemistry Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Environmental Studies Microbiology Mining and Mineral Engineering

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August 2020

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