Albrecht Classen

Professor, German Studies

Distinguished Professor

Member of the Graduate Faculty

Dr. Albrecht Classen is University Distinguished Professor and Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of German Studies. Dr. Albrecht Classen was born near Bad Hersfeld in Northern Hesse, Germany. He studied at the universities of Marburg, Erlangen (Germany), Millersville, PA (USA), Oxford (Great Britain), Salamanca (Spain), Urbino (Italy), and Charlottesville, VA (USA). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 1986. He has a broad range of research interests covering the history of medieval and early modern German and European literature and culture from about 800 to 1800. He has published close to 90 scholarly books, critical editions, translations, and textbooks, and 9 poetry volumes of his own. At the latest count (Aug. 2016), he has published 622 scholarly articles and 2341 book reviews. He is the editor of Mediaevistik and Humanities- Open Access.Online, and book review editor of Trans-Lit2 He has served three times as President of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. And he is new  Presisent for the RMMLA since 2016 once again. He has served as the President of the Arizona Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German since 1992. He has received numerous awards for teaching (Five Star Faculty Award, 2009, Carnegie Prof. of the Year, Arizona, 2014, etc.), research (The Henry and Phyllis Koffler Prize for Research, 2008), and service (Excellence in Academic Advising Faculty Advisor Award, 2015). The German government awarded him the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande in 2004 (Order of Merit). 

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basic understanding of the European Middle Ages, motivation, passion

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Anyone in history, art history, any language, gender studies, architecture, anthropology, etc.

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No description given

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May 2022

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