Chi Zhou Lab Recruiting Undergraduate Research Assistants - Application Deadline

Are you a pre-health student looking for research? Interested in OB/GYN?

The Chi Zhou Lab is recruiting for undergraduate research assistants in the Fall 2024 semester on their newest project! Dr. Zhou’s work focus on explore the mechanisms underlying fetal endothelial/vascular dysfunction in complicated pregancies (e.g., preeclampsia, FGR) that associated with maternal obesity and endocrine disruptor exposure. Students will be expected to dedicate 10-15 hours per week and can qualify for either Independent Study, Honor Independent Study, and/or Directed Research for their contribution in the lab. 

Pre-med, Pre-vet, and pre-vet students, especially freshmen and/or sophomores, are especially encouraged to apply.

What is the project about? 

Endothelial cells are a thin single layer of cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Dysregulation of endothelial cell function is associated with many cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Children born to complicated pregnancies (such as preeclampsia) have increased risks of adult-onset cardiovascular disorders later in life, suggesting there is programming of the fetal vascular/endothelial system before birth. This research project aims to reveal the mechanisms controlling the complicated pregnancy-induced fetal endothelial dysfunction in female and male fetal endothelial cells that associated with maternal obesity and endocrine disruptor exposure during pregnancy. Specifically, the aim is to explore the role of microRNA and immuneendothelial cell interactions in complicated pregnancies-induced fetal endothelial dysfunction. 

What specific research skills will students be training with?

  • Collect, label, identify, and maintain inventory log in lab supplies and specimens accurately
  • Proper scientific documentation of experimental records
  • Perform experimental procedures in reproductive biology and cell physiology such as:
    • RNA isolation (miRNA and total RNA)
    • Reverse transcription (miRNA and total RNA)
    • RT-qPCR (miRNA and protein-coding genes)
    • Immuno-Histochemistry
    • High-resolution Imaging
    • Primary endothelial cell isolation
    • Primary cell culture and imaging
    • Primary cell cryopreservation and passaging.

Interested in applying? Please email the following documents to Dr. Chi Zhou at (1) Statement of your research interests, (2) A copy of your most up-to-date resume/CV, and (3) A copy of your most recent transcript.
Questions? Reach out to Dr. Chi Zhou at with any inquiries. 


June 28, 2024 (All day)