Undergraduate Research & Inquiry Collaborative

About Us

What is the Undergraduate Research & Inquiry Collaborative? 

The Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Collaborative (URIC) at the University of Arizona brings together centralized resources to expand access to undergraduate research & inquiry, to coordinate outreach and support, to showcase undergraduate research talent, to provide training, and to enhance the quality of the undergraduate research & inquiry experience with a focus on equity, inclusion, and cultivating success for all students. This new Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Collaborative currently includes the Office of Societal Impact (SI) under Research, Innovation, and Impact (RII) and Student Engagement and Career Development (SECD) under the Office of the Provost.

What do we offer?

We offer support to undergraduate students to get involved in undergraduate research and inquiry, and develop their undergraduate research skills. Additionally, we gather input on the needs of the undergraduate research community, maintain the undergraduate research website, consult with researchers on incorporating undergraduate research into grant proposals, and provide professional development opportunities to faculty and other researchers on increasing experiences in undergraduate research and inquiry by scaffolding research into the curriculum, such as through Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

In the future, we plan to track the number of undergraduates participating in activities related to research and inquiry; to provide inclusive mentor trainings to research mentors; and to provide funding for undergraduate research projects and conference travel.

Meet the 2023-24 Administrative Team!

Our administrative team includes the Program Manager for Undergraduate Research Initiatives from Student Engagement and Career Development, the Director of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry from the Office of Societal Impact, and the Undergraduate Research Coordinator from the Office of Societal Impact.

Kimberly J. Sierra

Director of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry

The Office of Societal Impact (SI)

Research, Innovation, Impact (RII)

(520) 621-2295

Kelley Merriam-Castro

Program Manager, Undergraduate Research Initiatives

Student Engagement & Career Development - Bartlett Academic Success Center



Courtney Leligdon

Undergraduate Research Coordinator

The Office of Societal Impact (SI)

Research, Innovation, Impact (RII)